What Did I Google??

Each time I log onto my Google account, as is the case for everyone, there are a number of ads that appear in the margins. Typically, the ads have something to do with the topics of my emails.

For example, in a recent email exchange with an online cartoonist while asking permission to use one of her recent graphics for a test or quiz, the ads are for X-men, Gurney's Seed and Nursery, and a GI Joe Boxset. Once you know that that the cartoon was of a seed germinating, the fact that a seed and nursey made the cut doesn't seem all that bizarre.

But most recently, the following ad has been appearing on nearly every website I visit from my iGoogle page - including the iGoogle page, my Gmail page, and this evening Food Network's page included it on the ads. The ad appears as follows:

"I cured my yellow teeth" Read the trick discovered by a mom to turn yellow teeth white! And then here's the link.

My teeth aren't yellow. I do drink coffe, but my teeth still look pretty good. I don't have gum issues, I never had braces so I don't have uneven coloring on my teeth or anything like that. I haven't talked to anyone about wanting to whiten my teeth or anyone who's teeth I think should be whitened.

No idea why this ad keeps haunting me...

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